Advocate Somnath Harpude & Association (ASHA) is a knowledge and research based leading law firm of Pune. ASHA is known for its strategic legal, regulatory, compliance and litigation services backed by integrated cross functional sector expertise. ASHA is focused on offering its value driven services in niche and highly complex transactional areas.

The founders of Pune base Advocate Somnath Harpude Associates (ASHA ) has envisioned the growth of their law firm on a global level on a few foundational principles – “a democratic organisation led by meritocracy to offer trust based services which are governed by in-depth research, knowledge, core values, client centricity and professional ethics”. The organizational approach of ASHA is to create challenges, progression and rewards in a meritocratic structure; developing behavioural competency; delicately balancing accountability with freedom; and adopt other proven management practices that empower the team to deliver the best in the interest of ASHA and their clients.